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Self-regulation in advertising

European Commission strategy relating to cosmetic products manufacturers’ claims represents one of the building blocks of the Regulation EC No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products. Robust and truthful marketing claims do matter not only for consumers but also for market authorities and the very manufacturers.

The European Commission develops criteria applicable to all cosmetic products marketing claims.

Following the Commission strategy, a person responsible for a cosmetic product must ensure that all the marketing claims are:

  1. Compliant with the existing law
  2. Truthful
  3. Evidence-proven
  4. Robust
  5. Fair
  6. Allowing a conscious consumer decision

Until July 2016 the European Commission will present the European Parliament and the Council with a report with an evaluation of market compliance with the above mentioned criteria. Following the report, the Commission will decide whether or not to introduce additional restrictions concerning  marketing claims.  

The whole sector, as well as every single entrepreneur are now going to be in charge of the report findings and the future of the marketing communication claims regime in the European Union cosmetic market. The future of this market requires our full engagement in the application of the Responsible Advertising Principles.

The Polish Union of the Cosmetic Industry has been actively promoting good advertising practices in cosmetics.


PDF 2-64 (1)Przewodnik „Dobre Praktyki Deklaracji Marketingowych i Reklamy Kosmetyków”
PDF 2-64 (1)Karta Odpowiedzialnej Reklamy i Komunikacji Marketingowej Stowarzyszenia Cosmetics Europe
PDF 2-64 (1)Przewodnik "Dobre Praktyki Reklamy Kosmetyków"