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The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry, as the only organisation in Poland, represents and supports the strategic goals of entrepreneurs exclusively in the cosmetics industry. Since 2002 it has been an active voice of the sector in the process of law making. It effectively cooperates with institutions of Polish and European administration on a daily basis, and together with member companies it develops and implements solutions that lead to the development of the Polish cosmetics market, which is now fifth in the European Union.

The Union belongs to Cosmetics Europe - the European trade organisation and Confederation Lewiatan - the most influential organisation of employers in Poland. It is also involved in activities building the position of the sector abroad and helps promote the export of Polish cosmetics, builds a network of partnerships and, together with partners, removes barriers in international trade. The organisation also acts as a platform for the exchange of experiences - educates and trains companies, improving the quality of the entire sector. For 18 years, it has also been conducting the social project Beautiful Life Foundation.

The Union brings together nearly 250 companies, including cosmetics producers and distributors, laboratories, consulting companies and teaching centres, as well as their branch partners - suppliers of packaging and raw materials. It unites and works for startups, small family businesses as well as large international corporations and the largest Polish cosmetics companies, which work together effectively in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, while maintaining all competition rules.

We care for the competitiveness and development of the cosmetics sector in Poland. We support it with our lobbying, educational and intergrational activities. 

1_postulaty przedsiębiorcówWe solicit for entrepreneurs’ motions on every stage of a legislative process.
2_konkurencyjność i rozwój sektora kosmetycznego w PolsceWe take care of the competitiveness and development of the Polish cosmetic sector.
3_korzyści konsumentomBy helping our manufacturers, we bring value to our consumers, as the product they get is a  safe and efficient cosmetic. 
4_dialog z rządemWe talk to the Polish government and EU institutions. 
5)koordynujemy staowiska przemysłuWe coordinate industry stands in key matters: science, innovation, safety.
6_skutecznie zabiegamy o lepsze prawoWe efficiently solicit for better sector law for Polish entrepreneurs.
7_promujemy dobre praktykiWe develop and promote good sector practices.
8_przekazujemy zrozumiałe i czytelne informacje techniczneWe share knowledge –we convey clear and understandable messages on technical and legislative level.
9_dbamy o  wizerunek branży kosmetycznejWe take good care of the cosmetic industry image – being credible and socially responsible.
10_pomagamy w podejmowaniu decyzji biznesowychWe help making business decisions on the Polish and European markets.