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How do we do it?

how do we do it

We offer to our members concrete and measurable advantages:

• we update our members on any planned changes in the legal environment. This is an “early warning system”, thanks to which companies can gain time and adapt, implement changes and reduce costs.
• as a member of Cosmetics Europe and the Polish Confederation Lewiatan we have a real influence on both national and European legislative bodies. We are the voice of single individual entrepreneurs and their individual needs and opinions.
• our member companies can use the Union expertise in the following areas: safety assessment, GMP, product documentation, product labelling, marketing claims, borderline products, cosmetic ingredients and planned legal changes.
• we offer regular workshops, lectures and seminars on the sector law application and the current legislative, as well as technical projects.
• we issue the following soft export certificates: Free Sale Certificate, GMP Certificate, Health Certificate and BSE Certificate. We also collaborate with the Ministry of Development and international divisions of Trade Promotion and Investment to promote the Polish cosmetic sector.
• we arrange meetings and integration events, such as picnics and Christmas meetings. They have already become permanent items on our corporate agenda. We are the most numerously attended representation of a sector during the annual Lewiatan Confederation sailing race.