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The Piękniejsze Życie Foundation


The Piękniejsze Życie Foundation

The Piękniejsze Życie (Better Life Programme) is the Polish edition of an international project called Look Good…Feel Better ®. Although it was developed in the United States of America in 1989,  it is now operating in 24 countries. It assists women undergoing oncology treatment. It represents the only international Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by the whole cosmetic industry. The Union together with the associated members initiated the project in Poland in 2006 and continued to be its sole facilitator until 2011. The project then turned into the Piękniejsze Życie Foundation and still has the Union active support.    

The Foundation arranges two-hour workshops in hospitals and oncology clinics. During the workshops trained volunteers – who are at the same time professional makeup artists and beauticians – teach oncology wards women patients a multi-stage programme of skin care and makeup.

In 2015 the Foundation arranged 120 workshop sessions in 15 hospitals attended by some 1200 women patients. Women patients got over 13 000 cosmetic products from over 60 volunteers in 11 Polish cities!

Thanks to the engagement of your company the Foundation will be able to give to the patients even more in the coming years!