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If you want to become a member of you need to be an entrepreneur of the cosmetic sector who follows the Union Code of Ethics.

The Union Code of Ethics, alongside with the Statute represent the most important documents of our Union operations. Observing the existing rule of law and the principles of fair and robust competition are among requirements of the utmost importance and play the decisive role in admitting a company as our Union member.

According to the Statute there are two categories of membership:

  • ordinary members
  • associated members


About Us Male Filled-50Ordinary Member conduct business activities in cosmetic sector as:

  • producers, exclusive distributors of a manufacturer or exclusive distributors of brands offering finished products (following the provisions of the Council Directive 76/768/EEC),
  • cosmetic sector education centres,
  • laboratories engaged in cosmetic sector tests,
  • subcontractors, engaged in the cosmetics production process, commissioned by manufacturers.

About Us Male-50Associated members conduct business activities in the cosmetic sector as:

  • producers and distributors of cosmetic ingredients,
  • producers and distributors of cosmetic packaging materials,
  • producers and distributors of machinery, devices and any other equipment used in research, analysis and the production of cosmetics; editors of professional press

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