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Polska Cosmetics - Union supports companies’ export activities

polska cosmetics

The Polish cosmetic sector got in 2012 the name of the Polish Economy Champion by the Ministry of Economy.
A 3-year Polska Cosmetics Sector and Exports Promoting Programme was launched. Polish cosmetic sector entrepreneurs got access to European funds, amounting to 24 million PLN in the financial support for export development. Almost 70 entrepreneurs took part in the project.

The Union was involved in the development of the Programme principles, its implementation and negotiations on the amount of financial means. It also pointed to the desired export directions and necessary activities, namely the creation of National Pavilions.

The Union wanted the project to be continued in the years 2016 – 2020 and had focused its activities on that in 2015. The Union also wanted to secure necessary budget funds by the Ministry of Economy to carry out promotional activities around the Cosmoprof Bologne 2016 fair.

The Union members consult the government and helps to identify the needs of entrepreneurs while delivering the project objectives. The Union does its best to make sure that the Programme is efficient and brings the added value to the whole cosmetic sector.