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Our Partners


The Polish Confederation Lewiatan:

Lewiatan is the most influential Polish business organisation, representing interests of employers both in Poland and in the European Union. The Confederation solicits for a competitive business environment at every stage of legislative processes at home and in Brussels. It promotes economic growth, better legislation, fair competition, high employment rate and a strong social capital. It is the only Polish member organisation of BUSINESS EUROPE – the biggest European business organisation, as well as the only Polish business organisation with its office in Brussels.

As members of the Polish Confederation Lewiatan and due to the Confederation  unquestionable expert position, Polish entrepreneurs enjoy efficient representation. They can shape the sector law, as well as other economy regulating legal solutions, including the taxes, finance, employment and insurance.

Our Union uses the legal support of the Confederation in our sector subject matters.

By becoming a member of your company automatically becomes a member of the Lewiatan Confederation.


Cosmetics Europe

After years of our efforts, the Union finally became a member of Cosmetics Europe in 2010. Cosmetics Europe is the only sector organisation on the European level. We gained an experienced partner in lobbying activities on the EU level and access to professional expertise. Our membership in the Cosmetics Europe allows our influence on the European cosmetic industry opinions.

Union member companies can directly participate in the works of task groups and expert groups of Cosmetics Europe.