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About the sector

The Polish cosmetic sector got the name of the Champion of the Polish Economy by the Ministry of Economy for the second time in 2015.

It is no surprise when you know certain facts. The Polish cosmetic market has been growing constantly with a pace of 5% per year on average and the market of cosmetic products sold in the pharmaceutical channel grew by some 10% in the last two years!

Even in the time of crisis between 2008 and 2012, according to the data by Euromonitor International, the growth dynamics of the cosmetics market in Poland was among the highest in Europe. Despite some economic stagnation the growth pace during every of the four years was around 5%. For the sake of some comparison, the German market in the same period of time grew by 2.8% on average only, the British by 4%, the French by 1% and the Italian, as well as the Spanish did not even exceed 1%.

We are the 6th biggest cosmetic market in the competitive Europe. Ahead of us, there are only Germany, France , the UK, Italy and Spain. We do have the upper hand in this business!

How is it possible that Polish cosmetics are so successful?  

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