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Changes in the Kosmetyczni Team

It is difficult to summarise in a few words the entire period of Blanka's cooperation with the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry. Suffice it to say that for all the years since the organisation's inception, she has been a 'constant', an anchor for Kosmetyczni. She has proved herself in all tasks, in accompanying the authorities of all terms of office, and it is thanks to her impressive work that the Union is one of the most recognisable branch organisations in Poland today
," says Wanda Stypułkowska, President of Kosmetyczni. You can also recognise the charisma of a leader by the vision with which she builds and leads the team. This is Blanka's strength, as she has prepared her colleagues brilliantly for any and all upcoming changes. For this, we are also extremely grateful to her.

The decision to change is the next step in Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown's career. I have been involved with the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry for more than half of my professional life. I have put my best skills and whole heart into building this organisation - I hope this has been felt by everyone I have been given the opportunity to work with. I leave the organisation in its strongest form to date. The Union is the largest and most varied in terms of membership in its entire history. We are a very active and trusted partner for the Lewiatan Confederation, Cosmetics Europe and the Advertising Council. There is no structure in the national administration, the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland in Brussels that does not know and value our expertise. This is because the team is exceptionally strong - each expert is perfectly cast in her role. All this gives me peace of mind and means that I will be able to take on new responsibilities from November with curiosity and full commitment," concludes Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, who will continue to work in the cosmetics industry and support the Union's development in the new location.

Who will be at the helm of the Union office? The next generation. The change to the position of general manager is taking place smoothly, as the organisation's executive board unanimously entrusted it to Justyna Żerańska, PhD. The former senior regulatory affairs manager has been working in the Kosmetyczni team for more than six years and has been involved in the sector since the beginning of her career. I know the sector inside out. I started with an internship straight out of university, worked in an implementation lab, R&D, worked with marketing and sales as an industry expert and trainer, and have spent the last few years exploring regulatory issues and strictures for cosmetic products - both from the manufacturer and regulator side. I feel prepared for my new role and to represent the cosmetic sector on the national and international stage. I also have the support of a skilled office team of ten people, who are the backbone of our organisation and the team with specialised skills. This gives me the wind in my sails," comments Justyna Żerańska, who will take up the position of Kosmetyczni’s General Director from 1st November this year.

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