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APPEAL The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry on the cessation of trade in cosmetics with Russia and Belarus

As an industry close to consumers on a daily basis, creating and producing essential products for everyday life, we oppose and condemn the war in Ukraine by the authorities of the Russian Federation, which is ruining the lives of millions of Ukrainian citizens at an alarming rate. We appeal to all companies in our industry to stop trading with the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Today, we focus our efforts primarily on supporting the civilian population. Women and children, the elderly, the sick, people deprived of shelter and livelihoods, refugees forced to cross the borders of various European countries - they all need urgent help and care today. With them in mind, we have launched the Union coordination center for assistance for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Any company that cannot independently find a way to reach NGOs with its products or services can benefit from its support. We ask the companies – members of our organization and cooperate with us for persistent, methodical help in simple activities, such as collecting basic products, involvement in voluntary work at the local community level, logistical support for humanitarian aid - all by the possibilities.

We also know that, as entrepreneurs, we will soon face another test. For over a million Ukrainian citizens residing in Poland to be able to live normally soon, we will have to find places not only in our homes but also in our companies. We will make every effort to create good legal regulations in cooperation with the legislator and other business organizations, adequate to the situation we are facing.



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