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Key actions taken by The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland

  • Constant cooperation with the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of State Assets, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Lewiatan Confederation, the Polish Council of Shopping Centres, the Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry (ZP PPS), Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Association of Polish Distilleries
  • A package of joint proposals for key social shock absorbers and support measures for businesses during the COVID-19 crisis as well as consultations and draft amendments to the draft governmental Anti-Crisis Shield prepared jointly with the Lewiatan Confederation.
  • Preparation and submission of a cosmetics industry’ list of predictions on the effects of the coronavirus epidemic to the Ministry of Development. See more.
  • Fast track registration of biocides – key success: procedural simplifications for the so-called fast-track registration of biocidal products an permission for using the Trusted Profile implemented by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products after the intervention of the Union. See more.
  • Preparation of a Polish Technical Guidelines regarding the division between the antibacterial cosmetic products and the biocidal products for disinfection – document accepted by the Ministry of Health and sent to both, Union members and 16 Voivods!
  • Presentation of a map of problems concerning the availability of ethanol and in situ denaturing in Poland at the Ministry of Finance.
  • Special free webinar with REACH24 on the impact of coronavirus on the cosmetics sector and cooperation with companies in the Middle East for the Union members.
  • Definition of a drugstore in special regulation of the Ministry of Health – key success: change of the definition of a drugstore in the new regulation in line with the recommendations of the Union. See more.
  • Position on SMEs sent to the Ministry of Development. See more.
  • Launch of the #BusinessMatching project to facilitate the establishment of business contacts, enabling the acquisition of raw materials and packaging that are hard to reach as well as the sales of finished antibacterial products (cosmetics and biocides).
  • Launch of #Cream for special purposes project by LOOK GOOD – FEEL BETTER Foundation (Fundacja Piękniejsze Życie) – to enable voluntarily donations of antibacterial products, cosmetics and personal protective equipment to hospitals, health centres and all other entities in need. See more.
  • Preparation of a special technical guide that explains how to distinguish between an antibacterial cosmetic and a biocidal product to our member companies and ministries, used by the Ministry of Health and voivoide offices. See more (+link:
  • Following numerous discussions with officials of the Permanent Representation and members of Cosmetics Europe – written statement by the European Commission that clarified the guide on the differences between cosmetic products and biocidal products. It confirms that the "anti-bacterial" declaration can be applied to cosmetic products.
  • At the request of the Ministry of Health – preparation of a message directed to union member companies as well as retailers, pharmacy chains and trade organisations with a reminder how to communicate the properties of antibacterial cosmetics to consumers so that the communication is not misleading.
  • Launch of #ResilientBusiness cycle of webinars:
  1. ethanol in production of cosmetics and biocides – in cooperation with the best excise-tax expert in Poland, Szymon Parulski,
  2. labour law and the details of the anti-crisis shield – in cooperation with Robert Lisicki, Director of the Labour Department of the Leviathan            Confederation,
  3. "Explosive" production with ethanol - how to make your company fireproof – in cooperation with experts from TSE Polska.
  • Start of Polish cosmetics industry survey – the diagnosis, prepared on a basis of the survey, will allow us to collect the data and classify the problems of our industry in comparison with other branches of the economy.
  • Preparation of the technical guide on formal procedures related to the use of ethanol – an excise product.
  • Preparation of the Fast Track Guide that provides comprehensive practical guidance on how to obtain a permission to make a biocidal product available on the market within this procedure.
  • Preparing series of materials for hairdressers and beauticians:

  1. guidelines written together with Ministry of Development, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and representatives of beauty sector in Poland      PDF 2-64 (1)guide for beauty salons PDF 2-64 (1)guide for hair salons
  2. infograpfhics
  3. the extended explanatory material in 6 easy steps / carts


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